Cat Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Perhaps the Egyptian Mau is the oldest cat breed. As a matter of fact, the breed is so ancient that it was the Egyptian term for “cat”.

The first pet to be cloned commercially was a cat called “Little Nicky”. His owner had to spend $50,000, which makes him one of the priciest cats around.

In general, a cat has 12 whiskers on both sides of its face.

Cats see better and also worse than people. Their eyesight is much clearer in dimmer light and their peripheral view is wider. It is also worse since they cannot distinguish between colors the way humans do. According to scientists, cats see the grass as red.

The Spanish-Jewish folklore narrates that Lilith, the first wife of Adam, transformed into a black vampire cat that sucks blood from sleeping babies. This is probably where one superstition came from, wherein a cat sucks out a child’s breath or suffocates a sleeping baby.

The Cheshire cat of the famous Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is probably the most popular comic cat. This mysterious character has the power to disappear, exemplifying the sorcery and magic traditionally associated with cats.

Today, the Black-footed cat is the smallest wildcat. The females measure below 20 in or 50 cm long and weigh as light as 2.5 lb or 1.2 kg.

Cats typically spend 2/3 of the day sleeping, meaning a 9 year old cat has been sleeping six years of its life.

Majority of cats sleep about 16 hours daily.

The benevolent fairy godmother in the original Italian Cinderella version was a cat.

The small bunches of hair inside a cat’s ear called “ear furnishings” insulate the ears and protect them from dirt and direct sounds.

The cat has the ability to find the way home called “psi-travelling” According to experts, cats use the sunlight’s angle to lead their way, or they may have magnetized cells inside their brains that function like a compass.

Isaac Newton discovered the cat flap. When he was doing an experiment in a pitch black room, his cat Spithead always opened the door and wrecked his experiment. Newton and Spithead alike were happy with the cat flap.

Kopi Luwak, the rarest coffee in the world hails from Indonesia where a wildcat called the luwak lives. These cats consume coffee berries and the beans go through its stomach. They are produced from the dung heaps of the cats then cleansed and roasted. This coffee is priced at $500 per 450 g or 1 lb bag.

A cat is not able to chew large pieces of food since its jaw cannot move to the side.

Cats seldom meow at other cats, just at humans. They usually hiss, purr and spit at their own kind.

Cats tend to have a favorite paw like humans.

Female are often right pawed unlike male cats that are usually left pawed. Though 90% of people are right handed, the 10% left are usually males.

The back of a cat is very flexible since it has almost 53 loosely fitting vertebrae while humans consist of only 34.

Every cat has claws and all sheath them while resting except the cheetah.